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Prophetic Articles 

Prophetic Articles

by Rob & Kay Winters
Malachi 3:1 
"Behold, I send My messenger, and he will prepare the way before Me."






Jul 2016    The Spirit of Judgment and Burning

Feb 2016    2016: The Year of the Rising Remnant

Sep 2015    The Healing of the Nations

Aug 2015    The Key to Igniting & Sustaining Revival

Mar 2015    Focus Your Prayers on America's Roots

Jan 2015    Throw Jezebel Down!

Nov 2014   Authentic Prophetic Ministry

Sep 2014   Rivers in the Desert - A Prophetic Word for Arizonans

Dec 2012     Hands That Shed Innocent Blood

Oct 2012      America's Top 10 Sins - Pride

Jun 2012      Arizona's Next 100 Years (Part II of II)

Mar 2012      Arizona's Next 100 Years (Part I of II)

Dec 2011     Prepare to Arise!

Nov 2011     Prepare to Prosper

Oct 2011     Prepare Your Belongings

Oct 2011     Prepare Your Soul

Sep 2011     Prepare Your Spirit

Aug 2011     Prepare for Judgment

Jul 2011     Prepare the Way of the Lord

Jan 2011     A Year of Crossing Over

Jan 2011     Tragedy in Tucson

Dec 2010     Behold the Lamb of God!

Oct 2010     America's Top Ten

July 2010     Dead Man Walking

May 2010     Removing the Head of the Serpent

Apr 2010     Resurrection Sunday Quake

Mar 2010     2010 - A Year of Shaking

May 2010     Laodicean

Apr 2009     A Year of Multiplied Grace

Nov 2008     7:14 Precedes 3:16

Apr 2008     The Great Ommission

Feb 2008     The Rise and Fall of the Patriots

Jan 2008     The Elisha Commission

Nov 2007     The Root of All Evil

May 2007     Righteous vs. Unrighteous Judgment

Jan 2007     The Transfer of Wealth

Dec 2006     Shake Us to the Core!

Nov 2006     The Changing of the Guard

Jan 2006     Heavenly Treasure or Heavenly Tokens

Nov 2005     The Responsibility of Leadership

Feb 2005     March Forth on March 4th

Jan 2005     The Sun Shall Arise in 2005

Jan 2005     It's Time to Thrive in 2005

Dec 2004     Breaking Arizona's Curse of Drought

July 2004     Possessing Arizona's Promised Land

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