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Family Worship
Sundays @ 10:00 AM

House of Prayer
Mondays @ 11:00 AM

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

"We have no words to describe how wonderful it was to be at your prophetic gathering.  There was no way either of us could take notes fast enough to capture the wealth of revelation you brought."
Michael & Candace Sommerfeld

“The last two gatherings I attended were amazing and I am certain that greater things are yet to come!   I especially enjoyed the freedom and Spirit of worship there, the wisdom and revelation of the word and, of course, the prophetic messages and intercessory prayer!  For those considering the event, please do yourself a favor and go if you are able! It is a very powerful event and the presence of the Lord is extremely evident there.”      Jason Hawkins

Prophets & Prophetic Ministry
An Intense & Life-Changing Prophetic Discipleship Experience

Participants Comments:

"My life changed in 2006 after a prophecy from Rob Winters.  It was dramatic - from darkness to light!"
Donna Oder

"Your prophecy ministered to us greatly and gave us hope and confirmation where we are going.  Thank you."
Pastors Saeed & Cynthia Hosseini, Prayer Pastors, Phoenix First Assembly

"I am floored to have learned from you things that have illuminated my understanding of what I have said, heard and seen and experienced during my life with Jesus Christ.  Thank you!  The prophetic word I received on tape from both of you was like a light turned on, crooked paths being made straight, a direct instruction from the Lord, a puzzle put together that I had struggled over and left undone.  The prophecy seemed to go past my emotions and connected to a deeper part, my spirit man.  I have great hope of the Holy Spirit's guidance and power in my life for all the rest of my life."
Jane Taylor

"My prophetic word was one of the best I've ever heard and received."
Carl Wilkerson

"I really enjoyed the teaching!  The Winters are an anointed and powerful couple."
Alicia Tucker

"I cannot thank you enough.  It's exactly what I needed."
Diona Williams

"I received a very inspirational prophetic word.  I thank the prophet for unveiling those revelations to me.  I would like to attend another prophetic training taught by the Winters."
LaQuinta Pugh

"Every word that Rob Winters has prophesied to me over the years has come to pass."
Sharon Simmons


Hope for a Nation in Crisis
Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition - Released April 2020

Alignment & Affiliations 

Pastors Rob & Kay Winters and Prepare the Way International Church are apostolically aligned with Apostle Robert Henderson and the Global Reformers apostolic network and GPEC (Global Prayer & Empowerment Center) located in Waco, TX. 

Global Reformers' Robert Henderson and Plumbline Networks' Beverley Watkins both serve on the Board of Directors of Prepare the Way International Church.


National Ministry Affiliations of Prepare the Way International Church

Robert Henderson - Global Reformers
Beverley Watkins - Plumbline Network

Jeremiah Johnson - Jeremiah Johnson Ministries

Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis - Open Wells Ministries
Patricia King - Patricia King Ministries
Robert Hotchkin - Men on the Frontlines

Dennis Reanier - Revival Cry Ministries
Kevin Zadai - Warrior Notes
Tony Kemp - Tony Kemp Ministries
Rob Radosti - Kingdom Dwellers International
Elizabeth Tiam-Fook - International Young Prophets
Katie Souza - Katie Souza Ministries
Alan & Becky Greenstreet - Ignited Prayer Center

Local Ministry Affiliations of Prepare the Way International Church

Timothy Johnson - Where the Eagles Fly
Beverly McIntyre - Change Point, Inc.
Marie Mosley - Glory House International Church

Anita Scott - Kingdom Impact Global Worship Center

Saeed Hosseini - Global 365 Prayer Network
Guy & Rebekah Gorman - Tribe of Judah Ministries
Ruth Carneal - Ruth Carneal Ministries
Francis Ovienmhada - Sun of Righteousness Ministries

Sergio & Kathleen Scataglini - Scataglini Ministries, Inc.
Rick Casto - Teen Challenge
Greg Brown - Ascend International University
LaNora Morin - FountainGate Ministries International
Karen Drake - Primus University of Theology
Hal & Cheryl Sacks - BridgeBuilders International


"America's First Nations' Promise of Glory"
A Prophetic Word for Native America

"The Coming Pentecost"
A Prophetic Word to the Church of America

"America's Hidden Weapon of Deliverance"
A Prophetic Word for Native America

"Your Time Has Now Come!"
A Prophetic Word for the Navajo Nation

"Let Justice Ring!"
A Prophetic Word for 2012

"An Oasis in a Time of Famine"
A Prophetic Word for Arizona

"The Ancient of Days is Coming!"
Prophecy for AZ Native Americans

"AZ's Native American Tribes"
Prophetic Word for Arizona

"Healing Precedes the Harvest"
Prophetic Word for Arizona

"The Emergence of the Kings"
Prophetic Word for 2010

"Healing America's Wounds"
Prophetic Word for America

"Rebuilding the Holy City"
Prophetic Word for Charleston, SC

"Shout Grace!"

"A Divine Proposition to Reposition"

"America's Finest Hour"

"America's Great Awakening"

"A Second Wind"

Prophetic Word to America

Making Straight in the Desert a Highway for Our God

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