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Strategic Prophetic Words by Rob & Kay Winters

Date                  Title                                                                       Author

May 2016            America's First Nations' Promise of Glory        Kay Winters
                           A Prophetic Word to Native America

May 2015            The Coming Pentecost                                      Rob Winters
                           A Prophetic Word to the Church of America

Jun 2014            America's Hidden Weapon of Deliverance        Kay Winters
                           A Prophetic Word to Native America

Feb 2012            Your Time Has Now Come!                                Kay Winters
                           A Prophetic Word to the Navajo Nation 

Jan 2012            Let Justice Ring!                                                Kay Winters
                           A Prophetic Word for 2012 

May 2010           An Oasis in a Time of Famine                            Rob Winters
                           A Prophetic Word for Arizona

May 2010           The Ancient of Days is Coming!                         Kay Winters
                           A Prophecy for AZ Native Americans

Mar 2010           Arizona's Native American Tribes                      Kay Winters
                           A Prophetic Word for Arizona

Mar 2010           Healing Precedes the Harvest                           Rob Winters
                          A Prophetic Word for Arizona

Jan 2010           The Emergence of the Kings                             Rob Winters
                          A Prophetic Word for 2010

Oct 2009           Healing America's Wounds                                Rob Winters
                          A Prophetic Word for America

Sep 2009          Rebuilding the Holy City                                    Rob Winters
                          A Prophetic Word for Charleston, SC

Apr 2009            Shout Grace!                                                     Rob Winters

Apr 2009            A Divine Proposition to Reposition                  Kay Winters

Jan 2009            America's Finest Hour                                     Rob Winters
                           A Prophetic Word for America

Sep 2008           America's Great Awakening                             Rob Winters
                          A Prophetic Word for America

Nov 2008            Executing Vengeance on the Powers             Kay Winters
                            of Darkness

Jul 2008            Dismantling Ancient Border Principalities       Kay Winters
                          A Prophetic Word for Arizona

Jun 2008           A Second Wind                                                  Rob Winters
                          A Prophetic Word for America

Apr 2008           The Dread Champion                                         Kay Winters

Jan 2008          The Coming Kingdom                                         Kay Winters

Jan 2007          Arizona ~ A State of Refuge                               Rob Winters
                         A Prophetic Word for AZ Governor

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